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                  在全體員工的共同努力下,公司本著 “科技創新,精益求精”的企業理念,堅持以市場為導向,創新為動力;正以一流的技術;一流的產品;一流的服務;鑄就著一個一流的新興的動保企業。一個廠區花園化、技術高新化、管理現代化、產品標準化、服務人性化的新興高科動保企業——河北京科動物藥業有限公司,正在向著更高的目標大步邁進!

            HeBei JingKe Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd locates at No. 51, GongNong Road, YuHua District, ShiJiaZhuang City, HeBei Province. The total investment is more than 15 million Yuan(RMB). The company passed the check named GMP of Department of Agriculture in an all-round way on November 28, 2005. The company is a modern and high-technology enterprise for the integration of the development, production, sales and technical services of animal health pharmaceutical.

            There are Advanced detection equipments such as high  performance  liquid  chromatography、ultraviolet  spectrophotometer、moisture  tester、automatic  titration in the labouratory. In research of the product, the company cooperates with experts, professors of institutions of higher learning at home and abroad to lay firm foundation for developing new and more effective pharmaceutical.

            Production include almost entirely breeds: more than 100 breeds such as liquid  injection、soluble  powder(chemical  medicine)/premix(TCM)、disinfector、solution、premix. Being accordant with the GMP standards strictly, production is safe, green, efficient, and best-selling in whole country, and is well received by the overwhelming majority of users.

            In the joint efforts of all staff, by holding "quality is life, integrity is guaranteed" as its corporate philosophy, adhering to market-oriented, innovation as a driving force, the company is going to a specialization, scale and a collectivization group steadily. A new high-tech animal pharmaceutical enterprise -- HeBei JingKe Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd with plant garden, high-technology, management modernization, product standardization and services humanity, is going forward to a greater goal!     


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